Unlike other investment firms, where partners are faceless wire transfers, Qelo Capital invites partners to a tight-knit group of visionaries who generate an excellent, real estate backed return while changing lives in amazing ways and doing incredible things.

Our tight-knit group has opportunities to meet semi-annually for visionary events and social good.

Visionary Events

Think heli-skiing, fly fishing and supercar racing

Visionary events are centered around strategy and experiences. We drive influence economically by identifying strategic opportunities, reviewing new development deals, and networking with top business leaders. Visionary events are built upon experiences like heli-skiing, fly fishing and supercar racing. Experience meaningful association and influence with top investors and business visionaries.

Economic Development

As an partner/visionary with Qelo Capital you’ll help shape economic development decisions that will transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

Business Strategy and Leadership

Our business leader network is responsible for tens of thousands of jobs locally and maintains influence globally. Your insight, mentorship and connections can enrich the strategy and direction of local business leaders and drive elevated results within their companies.

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