Qelo Capital partners belong to a tight-knit group of visionaries who generate an excellent, real estate backed return while changing lives in amazing ways and doing incredible things. And the most incredible thing we do is give.

Giving is a hard thing to do well. Most organizations that give simply toss funds over to a non-profit and hope that there will be good stewardship and excellent results. Unfortunately that’s not often the case.

We know that the closer the giver and the receiver are to each other, the more effective giving and receiving can be. A close friend borrowing $20 is far more accountable and grateful than someone receiving $20 from a multi-national NGO. So at Qelo Capital we get close, very close to those we give to. This is why we created

The most incredible thing we do is give.

Organizations Supports
Charity Anywhere Foundation

As a Qelo Capital investor, you’ll have the opportunity to travel worldwide with us to help provide better healthcare solutions to communities in need via CAF.

Mentors International

Qelo Capital works strategically with Mentors International to provide financial support and to ensure financial gifts are used effectively and grow to become self-sustaining.

Underground Railroad

In the past five years of existence, O.U.R. has rescued
1,969 victims and assisted in the arrests of more than 1,109 traffickers around the world.

Utah Food Bank

Utah Food Bank distributes food
free-of-charge to a network of 150
partner agencies located throughout
all 29 counties of our state.

Good Samaritan Foundation

Good Samaritan Foundation's (GSF) organization provides a happy place where neighbors gather to learn and grow. We do this through providing opportunities, services, and resources within Neighborhood Centers located where clients live. Whether that's providing homework help to youth, providing child care to adults in our English Learning program, or offering a space for cultural celebrations; we exist for the community.