Your Lifestyle as a Qelo Partner

From your first jet-turbine helicopter tour of our developments to racing exotic cars at Utah Motorsports Campus or fly fishing the world-famous Willow Creek in Montana, Qelo Partners believe in experiencing the exhilarating life as part of connection, camaraderie and action.

Even more importantly, Qelo Partners understand the value of meaningful contribution to communities and people in need. Together we experience the joy of giving back via humanitarian travel and service. Qelo Partners serve together in the jungles of Central America and the slums of Africa. You’ll find us as crisis responders where natural disasters have devastated communities or as educators where there are children in need.

Elevating Life

Qelo Capital invests in the elevation of communities across a broad spectrum


Multifamily living that improves lifestyle for families who are just getting started

The Ascent

Luxury resort destinations that provide successful people the much-needed reconnection to themselves, loved ones and nature


Raw land developed into mindful, useful and profitable business and community assets


Business luxury retreat properties for training, connecting and uplifting employees, partners and clients

Each development is a single-purpose LLC, funded partially or wholly by Qelo Capital to improve lives, create equity and add lasting value to individuals and the communities they participate in.

The Right Strategy for Your Legacy

Honoring Values While Providing Stellar Returns

Deal Structure

Backed by real property with solid equity structures

Early Distributions

Partial asset sales allow capital to scale

Tax Advantages

Opportunity Zones with aggressive tax benefits

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A Tight-Knit Group of Visionaries

Real estate investment that elevates communities. Time investment that elevates lives. Qelo Capital partners gather for adventure, service, business strategy and economic development.

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A legacy of Giving

Qelo Capital invites partners to a tight-knit group of visionaries who generate excellent, real estate backed return while changing lives in amazing ways and doing incredible things. The most incredible thing we do is give.

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